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Q1: What is "FotoKit" ?
A1:Fotokit is the most powerful off line photobook software on the market with the simplest user interface and greatest flexibility.

Q2: What operation systems do "Fotokit" support?
A2:"Fotokit" supports all major operation systems such as Mac, PC and Linux...etc.

Q3:Can I design my own templates?
A3:Yes, there is an on line "Fotokit Designer" come with "Fotokit". When you purchase "Fotokit", an account will be created for you to design you own templates to suit your own binding requirement and needs as well.

Q4: How many templates are included in my SaaS package?
A4: There are 20 templates included in your SaaS package.

Q5: What sort of binding machines do I need with "Fotokit"?
A5:Whatever binding machines you have, "Fotokit Designer" allows you to create templates to suit your binding machines.

Q6:How can I protect my business channel?
A6: "Fotokit" is engineered to protect your business channel. Your customer file can only be decrypted by your back end PDF generator.

Q7: Can I do greeting cards, calendars, notepad..etc with "Fotokit"?
A7: Yes, with the template designer, you can create almost all printed matter products.

Q8:How to upgrade to latest version of "Fotokit"?
A8: "Fotokit" will detect the latest version available to upgrade/update automatically.

Q9: How do my customers get the latest templates?
A9: When the customers press the "More Designs" button, you latest templates will be visiable to customers assuming they have gone online.

Q10: Do I need a website to support my operations?
A10: It is best for you to have an e-commerce site. We do provide online e-commerce solution at a discount price to our "Fotokit" customers.

Q11: How many customer copies can I distribute?
A11: You can send out as many as you like to potential customers.

Q12: Is online "Fotokit" solution possible?
A12: Yes, we do have online "Fotokit" solution. Please contact us for further details.